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Sharon is a seasoned esthetician and skincare specialist holding advanced certifications in Cosmedical Esthetics, Micro-Needling, and Advanced Chemical Peels, as well as other innovative skin care specialties, including Microdermabrasion, Dermaplaneing , Skin Classic and others.

Sharon Morejon



What We do

Skin Tag Removal

After undergoing skin tag removal, you can expect a smoother and blemish-free appearance, leaving your skin looking and feeling more refreshed and confident.


Following microneedling, you can anticipate a noticeable improvement in the texture and tone of your skin, as this non-invasive procedure stimulates collagen production, resulting in a more youthful and radiant complexion.


After dermaplaning, you can expect your skin to feel incredibly smooth and look noticeably brighter, as this procedure effectively removes dead skin cells and peach fuzz, revealing a fresh and glowing complexion.

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Everyone should have radiant skin. Book your appointment right away to create a customized skin care regimen that can transform your life!


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Face Emergency Skin Care

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